Tamobyke V20 Ebike Battery

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48V 15AH Removable V20 Ebike battery

Compatible Charger: 54.6V 2A

Charging time: 750 Wh, 6-7 hours

Pure Electric Range: 25-35 Miles (40-50 Km)

Maximum Range with Pedal-assist: 45 Miles (65 Km)

Suitable for 750W V20 electric bike motor

Size: 14.37*3.54*4.33 inches

Weight: 9.9 Lbs ( 4.5 Kg )



Tamobyke V20 Electric Bike Battery Features

48V V20 ebike battery built with 4 bar power level lights to indicate the battery capacity status.

Anti-Thief safe lock to prevent the battery from being stolen.

Power On/Off Switch, energy saving, safe and reduces power consumption when not in use.

Smart BMS system, prevents overcharging, over-discharging, over-current and short circuit.

Best for riders want to gain more speed and range on V20 electric mountain bike.

Just swap plugs to connect either battery or electric bike. Easily add 20 -30 miles to the range without pedaling at all.

NOTE BEFORE ORDER: This V20 electric bike battery from original manufacturer, 100% tested battery, higher energy density and more stable performance. After we simulate daily use, our battery can still have 78% capacity remaining after 1000 times cycles.

Why Dual Battery for Tamobyke v20?

1. Flexibility – Portable V20 battery with swappable design that can be charged at home instead of public charging station.

2. Extend Range -V20 Fat Tire Ebike battery is compact enough to carry in a common size backpack, place a spare charged battery and double your range!

3. Economical – Given the complexity of a battery embedded electric bike, repairing or replacing a new battery pack will be much cheaper and easier.

1 review for Tamobyke V20 Ebike Battery

  1. Paulo

    Nice!!!! the battery is a perfect fit for my V20 eBike.

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