Qmwheel H7 Electric Scooter Folding Electric Scooter for Commuting & Travel

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Get ready to revolutionize your commute with the Qmwheel H7 Folding Electric Scooter. This innovative scooter is the perfect solution for commuting and travel, with a sleek design and foldable frame for easy storage and transport.

▶ 350w Motor
▶ 8.5 inches honeycomb tire
▶10AH  36V Battery
▶Max Speed 25KM/H
▶ 120KG Max Load
▶20-25KM Max Mile

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New version for USA, UK & EU Countries

Products Description


Powerful 350W Motor

Qmwheel H7 scooter with strong powerful 350W motor,can reach 15.5MPH max speed and can pass 20° steep slopes.Suitable for people with a height of 130-200cm to ride.and max load of 264 lbs.

qmwheel scooter

Battery Capacity 36V 10Ah

The H7 electric scooter up to 20-25miles on one charge of 3-4 hours,This electric scooter sufficient for school, work, and short journeys(depends on user's weight, terrains and so on)


25 Miles Long Range Travel

Ride up to 25 miles on a full charge of this e scooter, almost an entire New York Marathon


8.5" Honeycomb Rubber Tire

Perfect size for electric scooter, rubber tire can reduce the bumps, act as a shock absorbers.


Max Speed 25KM/h

350Wh battery capacity provides a range of up to 25 KM (15.5 Miles)( Real range depending on rider weight and road )


Foldable and Portable

Qmwheel H7 e-scooter weight only 13kg and easy fold. Portable folding design for easy storage at home or in car trunks and closets, beneath subway seats, and inside other compact spaces or hand carry when necessary.


Daul Braking system

Disc Braking+electronic motor braking daul system maintain safe and responsive braking at a shot distance


One Key Operation

Hight-definition LCD screen display, one control button, easy to operate.


Safety Riding with Lights

H7 electric scooters with headlights,taillight to enhance safe riding. LED headlight can cover 5m, when you drive at night, the front rear light will turn on when you press the brake, the rear light will flash.

qmwheel APP

Qmwheel APP Control

Download the app and pair your E-scooter via Bluetooth. It allows you to access controls on your fingertips.


Most frequent questions and answers

Our electric scooters are equipped with an IP54 waterproof rating, which means they are protected against splashing water and dust particles. However, it cannot prevent prolonged water immersion or large water flow into the device.

Sure, our electric scooter can climb slopes up to 20 degrees. Equipped with a 350W powerful motor and excellent traction.

  1. Scan the code on the scooter’s screen to download app.
  2. Open the App and Bluetooth.
  3. Connect Bluetooth to H7 scooter
  4. Click more times if not connect.

Please check the following steps:
1,Turn on the bluetooth of the phone,
2,Turn on the location positioning function(Please note that after downloading the app, you need to agree to the location information to connect successfully).
3,Turn on the scooter,
4,Open the app–click “add device”, find the device, and the scooter information will be searched.

If still can’t connect,you need to reset the scooter,then repeat the above steps to connect.
Reset steps: first turn off the machine, then hold the brake, turn the accelerator to the end, and then turn on the scooter. 

The scooter tires is solid rubber tires, it is no maintinance

6 reviews for Qmwheel H7 Electric Scooter Folding Electric Scooter for Commuting & Travel

  1. Rogowski

    The qwheel is a perfect scooter for college students, to use for work with a delivery service or just ride around the town.

  2. ashley Leblanc

    Real fancy scooter. It folds together in one step and clips together for easy transport. This is especially nice as most times I need to load it in a vehicle, bus, or store it in a classroom.
    The scooter accelerates better than I expected on Speed (S) mode. Eco is better when on campus or around crowds as it caps the speed to preserve battery.
    Only trouble has been with the app. I haven’t been able to get it to connect, and thus can’t increase the max speed from 15 mph to 19 mph. I’ll keep trying, but honestly 15 mph seems to do the trick for me, so not a big issue.

    • Qmwheel

      Hi Ashley,
      The qmwheel App connect step:
      1.Scan the code on the scooter’s screen to download app.
      2.Open the App and Bluetooth.
      3.Connect Bluetooth to H7 scooter
      4.Click more times if not connect.

  3. Taylor

    Love the speed, the sturdy build and the comfortable ride. This is a workhorse and a delight.Exceeded my expectations.Lovin it !

  4. Aaden Fanopoulos

    how can i unlock the full speed of the scooter i know there’s a speed limiter so don’t tell me it’s at full power


      Hello Aaden,

      To unlock the speed limit, start the scooter and rapidly press the power button six times.

  5. Denzel

    How do I unlock my speed limiter so I can go faster then 18 on mode 3 I tried the start scooter and rapidly press 6 times which turns in on push start

  6. Erik

    Super kolobežka batéria neviem aké má články ale dúfam že už nieake kvalitné
    Je rýchla
    English:Super scooter battery, I don’t know what kind of cells it has, but I hope it’s some quality
    She is fast
    I recommend

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