Qmwheel Tamobyke V20 Electric Bike Display Settings


How to Access & Change Display Setting

  1. Turn on the V20 ebike: Press and Hold the Power button on the controller until the display appears and you’re ready to go.
  2. Access V20 bike display setting: Press and Hold + & – key to enter Mode Settings.
  3. Toggle through display P setting parameter by pressing the Power button. Press the + or – key to raise or lower the required values.
  4. Save your modified setting by Switching to the next parameter; Or press & hold + & – key to exit the display settings interface. Also you could wait 8 seconds to automatically confirm and save settings.
P01Mileage unit of distance, switch between Kilometers and miles.
00=KM/H; 01=MPH
P02 Back Factory Setting:
00: not reset  01:Reset
P03PAS Grades: 00: Has 3 grades mode. 01: Has 5 grades mode 5 Grade max 45KM/h. Default 1-3 grades
P04Speed Limit:
00: 1-3 grades speed limit:1-25KM/H,
01: 1-5 grades speed limit:1-40KM/H,
Default 00 Speed limit 25KM/H.
P06Drive Mode setting. This setting could come in very handy. This P setting allows you to turn off the throttle completely.
00 = driven by PAS. The throttle is useless at this time. Use this option if you just want pedal assist and NO throttle.
01 = driven by Throttle. PAS is useless at this time. If you do not need PAS, then use this option.
02 = driven by both PAS & Throttle. The throttle is useless at Zero Start status. Both throttle and Pedal Assit are active.
P08ODO Zero-Out: Reset the odometer back to zero by long press + key for 5 seconds, the display will auto power off after 3 seconds


  1. Dear Qmwheel,

    I have the V20 and I have a few questions:

    – P03 01: Can I change the maximum speedlimit for example to max 28 km/h?
    – P04: When P03 01 is on I can change P04 for example to 28, but maximum speed is not changing to 33 km/h
    – P06 01/02: When I chance this setting the bike give error E 20, how can I fix?

    – Can I install the throttle to maximum speed 6 km/h? That’s legal in The Netherlands

    – The PAS response very slow is it possible to get it faster?

  2. My display doesn’t show when I switch on my head light nor when I use my turning signals. Does this need additional wiring from the unit on the steering wheel to the display? Or is there just something wrong with my display?

    • Hi Grizzly, does the cable connection correct? If the cable connection correct, you display might have problem, please contact the seller get replacement parts.

    • From day one these things don’t show up in the display, i have put a new display on, and the signals and lightin the display still not working, mayby new update of the software???

  3. Hi Grillzy,

    This is very welcome! I just installed the ebike and I have a flickering warning sign & “E 20” in the lower right corner. Any idea what this means and how to fix it?

    Best, Mick

  4. Hi Qmwheel i just bought the v20 version and i keep getting a flickering light where it says e 20 can you please help me i tried resetting my screen and i checked all the fuses they were all connected but i still got this message can you help me please and thank you

    • This happens when you have the settings set to where you NEED a gas padel. The most probable fix is to put setting “P6” to 0. This should fix the error code

  5. Hi
    Today it rained and it wouldn’t start only after taking of battery and than again no start and gives error code e40 ?

  6. How do I change bike to throtal only.after that I want to know how to increase speed.but I noticed that when in throtal only a bicycle picture is posted on display but I don’t know how to increase sped.pleas help

  7. Hi?I got error 20 in my ouxi v20 bike throtle and pedal assist is not working how to fix it

  8. I have a new model of v20. P3 menu looks different. You can choose small digits 1-9. Looks like for example 0—, or 1—, 2—. And so on.
    Whatever i choose. I can only +3, and not +5 so no-go to 45km/h 🙁
    How to solve this?

  9. E-BIKE V20 – Hello, I need some help. When I turn off the bicycle, the headlight and the rear lights remain on. Can you help me with this? I also noticed that after this, the brakes don’t work very well.

    • I am experiencing the exact same issue. I have tried all I can think of to fix it but have not had much luck. Have you been able to get yours to turn off like normal again?

  10. Hello, I need some help. When I turn off the bicycle, the headlight and the rear lights remain on. Can you help me with this? I also noticed that after this, the brakes don’t work very well.

  11. Can you guys update the blog for the new v20 PRO version.
    The menu on the new display is different.

    And is there a possibility to have the engine respond faster example when turning the pedals after half turn.

    Thanks in advance

  12. hello i have v20 fatbike and this morning i tried turn on and its showed e 04 error code i saw that is headlight/display error, so what i can do? i have warranty if i change display it will be fixed or also i need to look headligt.

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  14. I have the new 3.0 LCD screen the P functions on this screen goes up to the limit of 10 the instructions given with a bike only have functions for 8 does anyone have the new V 20 and if so what are the functions for one through 10 in advance settings

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